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Tips To Remember In Beagle Training

Because of their single-mindedness and determined nature, Beagle training can be hard if not impossible. Beagles are generally obedient dogs but training them can be hard because they tend to follow their selves especially if they have picked up a scent. Here are some of the things I did to make Beagle training easier and successful:

1. Start from the basic. It is important that your dog should learn the basic commands such as sit, down, stay and come. No matter what is the purpose of your dog, be it a household pet or for more eventual advanced training, learning these commands is essential especially in communicating with your dog.

2. Training period should be enjoyable both for you and your dog. Training sessions should be short, let’s say five to ten minutes to maintain your dog’s motivation. If your dog is not paying attention anymore or is not responding to commands given, stop the training. Resume training a few seconds later using a command he enjoys doing.

3. Start training your Beagle with home rules, schedules and good behavior since he is a puppy to prevent him from acquiring bad habits. Beagles are hard to recall once they have picked up scents so it is important that you started training yours at an early age.

4. Choose the training activities appropriate to Beagles. They are scent hounds primarily developed for tracking hare and rabbit so it helps if their training involves discovering buried elements, running or retrieving exercises and more enjoyable if it’s done outdoors.

5. Use positive reinforcements. Positive reinforcers are anything your dog finds rewarding. It could be a toy, a special treat, interaction with other dogs or the owner’s attention. Just one thing to remember; never show your dog the reward before giving out the command. Showing your dog the reward before giving out the command is a form of bribery when it comes to dog training. This will enforce your dog to obey only if a reward is present. The best thing for you to do is hide the reward from your dog and show it only when he has complied with the command.

6. Avoid physical punishment. Hitting his rear same with yelling will not give you an obedient and well-trained dog. Hurting him physically will just confuse and scare him away from you. It could do more harm than help. If the dog has done something unacceptable, limit the punishment by neglecting him for a while. Your lack of attention will make him realize that what you do not like what he did and you do not want him to continue doing whatever it is. And always remember to give the punishment only upon catching the dog in the act or within a very short period of time. If your Beagle urinated in the living room in the morning, will not understand why he is being punished in the afternoon.

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