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Tips to Help You Get Your Beagle Training Off to a Good Start

There are many different reasons to pick a Beagle puppy when deciding on a new dog for your home. They are happy, friendly dogs with plenty of energy, and compact enough to fit in many different settings. Using some Beagle training secrets is the most efficient way to introduce your Beagle in to your home easily.

Just like any other dog, Beagles draw benefits from training early on. Since Beagles are pack animals, they need to understand the hierarchy in your home and what there place is. If your puppy sees you as the alpha male they will be glad to follow your orders. If you do not secure the alpha role your puppy will try to grab it for himself and you will have training problems.

Where to Begin

Establish your authority from the beginning and set up a training schedule early on. It will be difficult to scold your adorable puppy at first. He will be too cute and you will be inclined to give him leeway. Nobody wants to be the bad guy and you will feel guilty about it at first.

Getting off on the right foot early is vital with training so it is important to be strict with your puppy and set his guidelines clearly. Puppies are hyper and have a short attention span, which means they are hard to train. Keep your training brief and focus on the easiest things first. The majority of Beagle training secrets begin with bathroom training and move on to the other simple commands from there.

Know Your Puppy

Beagles are a great breed to train for a number of reasons. They are intelligent, and learn new things quickly. They like attention from their owners. If you approach the training the appropriate way your puppy might even enjoy it. Keep sessions short and throw in plenty of praise throughout. This will keep both of you from becoming annoyed and you will be much more successful.

Crate Training

Quite a few of the other Beagle dog training secrets focus on crate training and the positive effects it can have on overall training. Crate training works well on most puppies, but it is particularly effective when used on Beagles because they like to be in control and they love to wander off following every animal scent they pick up on. Crate training can help eliminate many Beagle traits that most homeowners have trouble with.

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