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Super Effective Beagle Dog Training Tips

A beagle dog can be a great pet to have. However, just like any other dog, you will have to make sure that your beagle is trained properly so as to ensure that he exhibits the proper behaviour at all times. Beagles are naturally very outgoing and energetic. After all, the breed was originally developed for hunting purposes, and it proved to be a huge success in that field. If you simply want to keep a beagle as a house pet, however, his intelligence and outgoing nature can spell big trouble unless he undergoes effective beagle dog training. Providing such training is therefore your primary responsibility when you decide to get a beagle.

Never Underestimate Their Intelligence

Among the things you need to take note of is the fact that beagles are smart enough to learn how to open doors and go through fences easily. They also have a very keen sense of smell, which makes it very easy for them to find food around the house. This makes it doubly important for you to begin beagle dog training as early as possible and keep food out of your dog’s reach at all times. The good news is that beagles are very trainable. They were, after all, bred for hunting, so they take instruction very well. The only requirement is for you to have a great deal of patience because their energetic nature can sometimes get in the way.

Be Fair Be Consistent

When you begin beagle dog training, remember to always be fair in giving corrections. You have to make sure that your dog understands exactly what you want from him before you even think about punishing him for not obeying a command. Furthermore, the punishment you mete out should always fit his crime. Never release anger on your beagle without sufficient reason. Remember that correction is just another way of communicating with your beagle, so you’ll have to make him understand what he did wrong and why he is being punished. This will ensure that he does not repeat the offense and strengthen your bond with him as well.

Positive reinforcement is your best technique when conducting beagle dog training. Use lots of praise whenever your dog displays good behaviour or executes a command perfectly. This works a lot better than punishing the dog every time he makes a mistake. Just like you, a beagle doesn’t want to work with a boss who only ever sees his mistakes without noticing his triumphs. You should therefore let your dog know that you are proud of his achievements.

Remember: Your On The Same Team

In conducting beagle dog training, always remember that you are on the same team as your dog. Do not think of training as a competition where you always have to win by making your dog do what you want. Instead, consider yourself as the team captain; you call the plays and your dog has to execute them properly in order for your team to win. Of course, before you take on the role of team captain, you’ll have to take on the role of coach first, and make your beagle understand exactly what the plays are. As long as you conduct beagle dog training with love and respect, your dog is sure to reward you with positive results.

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