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6 Tips For Successful Beagle Dog Training

Do you have a new beagle addition to your family? I think you made the right choice, as this breed is not only cute and cuddly but they have a gentle playful nature that is great for families. However, like any new puppy, manners must be learned and obedience is critical in beagle dog training. Here are a few tips:

Start Now
You must begin training as soon as you bring your new puppy home. They learn fast when young and just learning the concept of how to train will make things easier for you in the future. Obviously you can train older dogs too and with the same methods, but the earlier you start the easier it is bound to be.

Be Positive
Punishment is a negative behavior that, though may correct the error short term, can lead to bad situations later down the line. Positive reinforcement will build a strong loving bond between you and your pet. It is less frustrating for both of you and breeds good manners quickly. This also sets up for learning new things readily.

Don’t Over Do The Positive
Ok, yes be positive, give them rewards like treats, but not too much. Beagles are adorable creatures that you just want to spoil, but don’t do that! This breed can easily get over weight so keep it light on the snacks. Also, you must be positive yet firm in your training. You must be the pack leader, not the other way around. So be strict, but reward good behavior.

Other Types Of Rewards
There is no need to always use a tread or food as a reward. Yes, this is a good reward from time to time, especially for significant feats when training. BUt there are many other things you can use as a reward for good behavior. Perhaps use an ice cube, its just water but its crunchy and slides on the floor. What fun! But you can also use things like a rub on the chest, a scratch behind the ears, a playful bout of tug-of-war, or any other game as a reward. Be creative and have fun building the bod between you and your beagle.

Get A Leash On Things
The leash is an excellent training devise. Teach your puppy to know it and love it. It reasserts your alpha role by having the dog yield to your commands. Don’t tug hard or drag the dog, simply have it as a subtle controlling device. This tool can be very helpful in learning new desired behaviors as well. It can be used as a signal, “OK now we are training”, that puts your beagle into the right mindset for learning new tricks.

Everyone Needs To Be Part Of The Program.
The entire family must participate in the training and must use the same commands and actions. Everyone needs to be in the know. If the dog is being ignored to help rid of some behavior, like jumping up on you, then all family members and guests must be aware they should do the same. If one person falters and gives attention for this behavior, then the training will fail.

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